Wednesday, 21 February 2018

host town owaka centre stage for goldfields calvacade.

Host town Owaka centre stage for Goldfields Cavalcade.

WHO: Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Cavalcade, Bush and Beach theme.

WHERE: Otago, New Zealand. They travel from Lawrence to Owaka.

WHEN:They are heading out this weekend to start the week-long pioneer adventure, which will end at Owaka next Saturday, the 3rd March. A total of six days.

WHY:They do this to redo the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers thought out various goldfields in the region.
WHAT:  Its the 26th Annual Cavalcade witch is bush with beach theme. Approximately 489 people have entered so far. 1 of 9 horse, waggon, walk and cycle trails spreads from eastern Southland to south Otago. They do it every year, to redo the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers back in the day. This years Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Cavalcade which will start this weekend and will finish on the 3rd of march and looks like it will be as big as last years of 500 entrees for the 25th anniversary trek.
IN MY OPINION: I think it would be cool to go follow the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers but it would probably be tyring to walk it.

I WONDER: If they stay in huts or tents for the week.

GLOSSERY: Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Calvicade-The name of the event.
Lawrence & Owaka-Townsips is Otago in the south island.
Pioneers-A Person who is among the first to explore, settle or develop a new countrie or area.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dolphins join crowd of swimmers at island bay, Wellington.

 Dolphins Join Crowd Of Swimmers At Island Bay, Wellington   

WHO: Dolphins.

WHERE: Island bay, Wellington.

WHEN: Sunday the 11th in the morning.

 WHY: Because they could hear the swimmers and leaped to kind of join in.

WHAT:Sunday the 11th at Island Bay in Wellington, 70 swimmers went swimming because was part of the 9 day island-bay festival. Surprisingly a pod of dolphins heard the swimmers through the water and leaped to the swimmers and kind of joined in. Most people reckoned that it looked like 'the dolphins were mainly mucking around' next to the swimmers then continued mucking around with the surf-lifeguards on there paddle boards. During that time another pod of dolphins came and played. Then the both pods slowly leaped back to sea.

The nine-day island bay festival began Saturday the 10th. On Friday the 9th in the afternoon a pod of around 6 dotted through Oriental Bay.Less than 4 weeks ago, a big pod of dolphins, which some said it was close to one hundred dolphins which amazed swimmers.

IN MY OPINION: I think that would incredible to have that opportunity to swim with dolphins and to see dolphins.

I WONDER: If they could touch the dolphins.
GLOSSARY:Island bay-a beach in Wellington

"I think they could hear the swimmers, so they cruised over and kind of joined in," witness Sam Davis said.

Concrete truck decked out for pride prade

               Concrete Truck Decked out for pride parade

WHO: Mark Wright, Hamilton Company Firth Concrete Trucks and Feltcher Buidling.

WHERE:He did it in Hamilton for the Auckland pride parade.

WHEN:29th of January to the 2nd of Febuary last week.

WHY:To embace the LGBT comunity by decorating the bowl of a concrete truckto lead up to Aucklands pride prade on the 17th of Febuary.

WHAT HAPPEND: Mark Wright has made a rainbow coloured bowl of a concerete truck.He got the truck from the Hamilton Company Firth Concrete trucks and Feltcher Building. Mark is used to putting unusal red and yellow decal on trucks but his skills were tested to make it a rainbow. A whirl of rainbow clours will definatly light up constuction sites for a bit at least.

Artistic Media's Mark Wright spent a day wrapping a Firth concrete truck in rainbow colours for Auckland's Pride Parade.
Acceptance of a diverse community is what Rathod is seeing as important to those coming through the junior recruitment proces. As quite a key question that most graduates were asking in terms of diversity and in particular a"It wround LBGT community. It's actually an area our younger generation is looking to in deciding which kind of organisation they would like to work for," Rathod said. 

MY OPINION: I think it looks real cool and he seems really good at that 

I WONDER: If he made any mistakes? if he made some I wonder how much? 

I WONDER: What other people will think of the truck?

GLOSSERY: Hamilton Company Firth Concrete Trucks-its a Firth Concrete truck Company in Hamilton
Feltcher Building-Fletcher Building Limited is one of the largest listed companies in New Zealand
Pride Prade-The events also at times serve as demonstrations for legal rights such as same-sex marriage and more.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

sciene current events

NASA tests world’s biggest rocket


NASA has tested a huge rocket and when I say huge rocket I mean the world’s biggest rocket. They took the test in an American desert.
There cameras usually struggles to capture the rocket’s motor tests because the flames in the motor are burning too bright.NASA got a new type of camera to make shore this problem will not happen at all.
The power of the rocket’s blast was filmed using lots of slow motion shots being recorded at the same exact time.The next rocket test launch will not  be until 2018 but this should keep you fuelled up till then ; ). πŸš€
I think this is quit cool I wonder how the tests went????? 
what do you think??
what type of new cameras do you think they used??
I wonder how wide and long the rocket is and who built the rocket??

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Switzerland town bans cameras!!!!

Switzerland town bans cameras

A little town in Switzerland has just decided to make a new rule of baning cameras.

Any person found using a camera will be fined around 10 NZ Dollars. person said the town is supper pretty it will cause extreme unhappiness for people who see the pictures on social media.

“It is scientifically proven (that) beautiful vacation photos on social media make the viewers unhappy, because they themselves cannot be on the spot,” the tourist said in statement.Naturally, the office recommends visiting the village of BergΓΌn to avoid this dreaded FOMO.

I think that, that it is not fair because you might not have good memory's camera pictures help you remember stuff unless you draw but what if your bad at drawing? or it is something you can't draw???πŸ“·πŸ“Έ

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Running round the track!

                  Running round the track!

''Go!'' Were off round the track next to me is the extremely wet grass, I'm kicking the golden stones on the track. I am passing some people I've  stopped  ''it is puffing'' I say to myself I realise people are talking. Nearly done my first lap 3...2...1 on my second lap now I can't go on I feel like my heart will not stop beating. There is 
Mr W, got to run, there is a cold breeze I hear the tree's leaves rustling. I shut my mouth and started breathing through my nose, yuck! I smell the cow and sheep poo from the vineyards, I am finished ''4 min 10'' said Mr Weaver. Finished and its not the best and its not the worst well now its maths.πŸƒπŸƒ

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Auckland could get schools without feilds

Auckland could get schools without fields

In Auckland some of there schools will have no school Fields attached to the schools.

They have not conformed yet if that is going to actually going to happen or if it will happen at all.  They have not confirmed when it will start happening, as they are still looking into it.

They are doing this because large areas of land associated with a traditional school could be hard or expensive to acquire.

At first you would not be use to having no feild but then you would slowly get use to it.  It would be sad if someone push you over and you could not stop your self, you would not hurt yourself as much if you landed on grass.  What do you think about having no feild at our School???πŸ“–